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Burgundy Pitch / Spruce resin

Pini burgundica, Picea Alba

Burgundy Pitch - Spruce Resin


Description: From the Spruce pine tree comes a beautiful burgundy resin. This resin is collected and put through a cleaning and melting process to produce a higher quality end product. It has a  long history of use in many cultures. In the Middle Ages Spruce resin was used for incense burning and medicinal purposes.


Threatened Species Alert: The 2007 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species includes Picea Alba. Classified as "Lower Risk, Least Concern." See Cropwatch and IUCN.

Family: Pinaceae

Synonyms: none known

Origin: North America, Central Europe

Parts Used: resin

Aroma Description: strong forest-like fragrance, balsamic, fresh, slight fruity undertone

Emotional Attributes: cleansing/purifying, strengthening, regenerative

Cosmetic Uses: none known

Culinary Uses: none known

Medicinal Attributes: antibacterial, used for muscular stiffness and rheumatism, as a decongestant, etc.

Element Association: Air

Magical Associations: spirituality, healing, protection, prosperity

Astrological Association: Aquarius, Scorpio

Planetary Association: Mars

Season: Winter

Aromatic Note: Base note

Essential Oil: Yes, steam distilled essential oil is available

Mixes Well With: benzoin, cedar, galbanum, juniper, lavender, oakmoss, pine, pine needles, rosemary, white sage, desert sage, sandarac, etc.

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