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Cedarwood - Red

Juniperus virginiana

Cedarwood - Red


Description: This species actually belongs to the Juniperus genus. A coniferous ornamental tree important to the lumber and furniture industries. For incense, Red Cedarwood is mostly used as a burning base for making sticks and cones.

Family: Cupressaceae

Synonyms: none known

Origin: Much of the Northern Hemisphere

Parts Used: wood

Aroma Description: woody with hints of pine and citrus, slightly sweet

Emotional Attributes: love, strengthening, cleansing/purifying

Cosmetic Uses: none known

Culinary Uses: none

Medicinal Attributes: used to be used to treat coughs, colds and headaches. Now considered too toxic for medicinal use.

Element Association: Fire

Magical Associations: healing, protection, prosperity

Astrological Association: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Planetary Association: Sun

Season: Summer

Aromatic Note: Base note

Essential Oil: Yes, but extremely toxic. May cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Mixes Well With: amber, burgundy pitch, calamus, cardamom, chamomile, hyssop, iris root, juniper, lemon balm, oakmoss, patchouli, pine needles, pine resin, rosemary, white sage, desert sage, sandalwood, sandarac, spikenard, tolu balsam, turmeric, valerian rootvetiver, guaiacwood, orange peel, etc.

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