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Eucalyptus globulus



Description: There are over 600 species of aromatic Eucalyptus trees and shrubs. They are among the world's fastest growing and tallest trees, growing up to 326 ft.


Eucalyptus trees are grown as ornamentals for their foliage and patterned bark, also as a source for lumber, and in our field for their rich aromatic volatile oils.


Australia's "blue forests" are so named for the haze produced by the tree's essential oils, which mutes the surrounding scenery.

Family: Myrtaceae

Synonyms: blue gum, Tasmanian blue gum

Origin: Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria, now planted all around the globe in temperate and semi-tropical areas

Parts Used: dried leaves

Aroma Description: camphoraceous, sometimes a peppermint-like aroma or lemon-scented, slightly peppery

Emotional Attributes: strengthening, invigorating, cools heated emotions

Cosmetic Uses: Perfumery, aromatherapy; widely used in aftershaves, colognes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and insect repellants, etc.

Culinary Uses: none known; essential oil can be highly toxic if ingested.

Medicinal Attributes: a cooling, antibacterial, stimulant, decongestant, and expectorant herb that relaxes spasms, lowers fever and is used in inhalations, vapor rubs for mucus, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds and flu. It's oil is used in liniments for bruises, sprains and muscular pains.

*Warning: Excess use can cause headaches, convulsions and delirium, even death.

Element Association: Water

Magical Associations: healing, protection

Astrological Association: Cancer, Pisces

Planetary Association: Sun

Season: Summer

Aromatic Note: Top note

Essential Oil: Yes, steam distilled essential oils are available from many species. Subject to legal restrictions in many countries.

Mixes Well With: borneol camphor, catnip, cedar-red, elemi, frankincense, lavender, mastic, lemon balm, marjoram, pine needles, rosemary, sage, thyme, orange peel, etc.

Medical Disclaimer: Information on this web site is for entertainment purposes only. This information is NOT intended as medical advice or for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.

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