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Hibiscus rosa



Description: The most widely cultivated of the genus, Hibiscus rosa is a dense, evergreen shrub which produces treasured bright crimson flowers. The flowers are broadly used for medicine and flavoring. In Hindu devotional ceremonies, Hibiscus is a sacred offering to Ganesh, the elephant god.


Hibiscus seeds are also used for incense - see our Musk Seed information.

Family: Malvaceae

Synonyms: Chinese Hibiscus, Rose of China, Hawaiian Hibiscus

Origin: China, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, Central America, United States: California and Florida

Parts Used: dried flowers

Aroma Description: sweet, floral, lemony and somewhat marshmallow aroma

Emotional Attributes: cooling, strengthening, cleansing/purifying, sensuous, love, prayer

Cosmetic Uses: used as a colorant in cosmetics

Culinary Uses: used to color foods such as jellies and preserved fruits, teas

Medicinal Attributes: used to treat painful menstruation, venereal diseases, feverish illnesses, coughs and is said to stimulate hair growth

Element Association: Water

Magical Associations: Spirituality

Astrological Association: Cancer

Planetary Association: Moon

Season: Spring

Aromatic Note: Top note

Essential Oil: None known

Mixes Well With: benzoin, elemi, frankincense, musk seed, rose, storax, etc.

Medical Disclaimer: Information on this web site is for entertainment purposes only. This information is NOT intended as medical advice or for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.

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