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Lemon Grass

Cymbopogon citratus



Description: One of some 50 plus species of aromatic tropical grasses rich in lemon and rose-scented essential oils. The best known species is C. citratus (lemon grass), which is grown on a large scale in India and Guatemala.

Family: Poaceae

Synonyms: West Indian lemon grass, East Indian lemon grass

Origin: Warm temperate parts of Asia and Europe, now widely distributed

Parts Used: dried leaves

Aroma Description: strong, fresh, grassy, lemon, herbaceous, tea-like

Emotional Attributes: balancing, relaxing, sleep, sensuous

Cosmetic Uses: perfumery, aromatherapy, widely used in soaps, body oils, detergents, cosmetics, insect repellants

Culinary Uses: fresh leaves are used in sauces, curries, teas, for flavoring meats and fish, etc.

Medicinal Attributes: bitter, cooling herb that increases perspiration and relieves spasms, used to treat digestive problems, minor fevers, ringworm, lice, arthritis, athlete's foot, etc.

Element Association: Air

Magical Associations: Awareness

Astrological Association: Gemini

Planetary Association: Mercury

Essential Oil: Yes, steam distilled essential oils from freshly dried leaves.

Season: Spring

Aromatic Note: Middle note

Mixes Well With: borneol camphor, cardamom, frankincense, lavender, lemon balm, marjoram, mastic, pine needles, rhubarb, rosemary, sage-desert, sandarac, etc.

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